The use of soapUI

In order to test huge BPEL processes (around 9000 lines of code) soapUI can be leveraged to test the bpel process.

Plan how to do this:

  1. Create a MockService for each BPEL.PartnerLink of role partnerRole
  2. Create a SOAP Binding for each BPEL.PartnerLink of role myRole
  3. Create a TestSuite that contains Testcases for Success and Failure Scenarios
  4. For each Scenario use the following steps to produce the test environment
    1. For Each BPEL.receive create a SOAP Request
    2. For Each BPEL.invoke create a Mock Service Response
    3. Use properties, PropertyTransfer or Scripting to ensure the correlation set correctness
    4. IF soapUI itself does not suffice, you can extend it with Groovy

I am planning to do this in the next days for my project and will present my results to you then.