Starcraft 2 facts

Here are some interesting starcraft 2 facts

  • Roaches can burrow and move under the Force Field created by sentries.
  • Infestors can’t mindcontrol ultralisks using Neural Parasite.
  • Infestor’s Fungal Growth also works for Air Units like the Medivac.
  • Medivacs can heal every zerg unit, including air.
  • If you research the first armor upgrad for zerg, zerglings survive a baneling hit with 1 hit point left.
  • You can only gain points if the match status is either evenly matched or favored for the other team.

If you have more, you can post it in the comments or mail me. I will publish them then. Maybe a summary page will be created later on.

But I had to uninstall Starcraft 2. The Diploma Thesis has to come first now ….