Having TODOs inside a LaTeX document

Previously, I just wrote a simple command for using TODOs coloring it red and making it bold. However, a little search found me this amazing todo library.

  • Provides \listoftodos to print out a list of todos inside the document
  • Provides \missingpicture for inserting a placeholder for images
  • Provides \todo command for creating TODOs. \todo{First}, \todo[inline]{Second} are really useful
  • It can be disabled using the disabled option for the imported package

But be aware when adopting it, as it loads graphixs package itself without options. If you need it to load with options for pdf output, perhaps, just import the graphixs package first.


Working with LaTeX

For my proposal of my diploma thesis, I worked with TeXnicCenter which worked quite well. However, this can be improved further with the integration of sumatraPDF. Following the instructions on sumatraPDF Google Code Project Wiki under the Heading TeXnicCenter, the ultrafast sumtraPDF shows where the current cursor is in TeXnicCenter and updates when the TeX files are recompiled.

This allows to increase productivity, as by using F7 for compilation of the project and F5 for refreshing the sumatraPDF, no closing, restarting, etc. has to be done to see the new changes made.

Using the one half of the screen for TeXnicCenter and the other half for sumatraPDF (by leveraging the Split Screen technology from Win7), this works like a charm for me. You should try this out, too!

Hints for using AreoSnap:

  • Windows-Key + Up: Fullscreen of the current window
  • Windows-Key + Down: If current window is fullscreen, make it normal sized. If current window is normal sized, minimize it to the task bar
  • Windows-Key + Left: pushes current window to the left half of the screen
  • Windows-Key + Right: ~ same to the right half
  • However, the behaviour is not quite consistent, as having a normal sized window, the Left and Right Actions only toggle from Left -> Normal -> Right -> Left -> … and vice versa