StayFocusd -> great tool

If you find yourself surfing too much on news sites, youtube or whatever, just install this little browser plugin for chome called StayFocusd. This extension blocks web pages.

  1. The NUKE option. if this is activated, for a specific amount of time, you can only surf on allowed sites or no sites at all.
  2. The TIME option. You can set a specific amount of time you are allowed to surf on specific sites. After this time is over, these sites are blocked.

Fight the procrastination! 😉

Chrome and its plugins

My current choice of browser is Google Chrome dev.


  • Sync of extensions, bookmarks, preferences, history, etc.
  • Many extensions
  • Minimalistic userinterface
  • Omnibox for searching
  • Quite fast

Currently, there are some plugins that enable to stay up to date without having to have every page open

What Chrome Plugins are you using?