The Renaissance of command line tools

A few years ago, everybody created GUIs for simply anything. IDEs were created with plugin mechanisms that support a clicking way to achieve everything a developer wanted. They were perfectly for specific programming languages and supported the tasks around them quite well compared to the command line tools of compilation.

However, with the coming of Java, Ruby, Python, etc. as well as the Web, many frameworks have been developed. Some innovated, some copied, some had success. I think, one the success factors are automation tools accompaning the frameworks. The best example for this is the rails framework. Ruby on Rails (rails in short) is THE web framework within the ruby language. It has gained some popularity as it describes a DSL (domain specific language) for writing web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern for the web. It is packaged and distributed with the rails command line tool. This command line tool allows to automate many tasks like creating a first application, creating controllers, models, views, changing models, starting the web server with the rails application deployed onto it.

In one of my personal projects, I will provide such a command line tool for a web framework which does not have one.


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