Handling TODOs

On of the biggest problems when working is how to handle a good TODO list. The requirements for this are the following:

  • web based
  • mobile clients for android, iphone and ipad have to be available
  • automatic synchronization
  • optional: support for GTD method

I have used RTM for this a little while, but this UI did not please me at all. Google Tasks is too simple and the UI is bad.

Currently, I compare Toodledo with Springpad. Toodledo is like RTM and does not bring much innovation. Mobile apps are provided by the company and third party developers. Springpad, however, provides a new approach to the topic as it combines the normal task and todo options with some kind of social bookmarking. For my private life, I often want to track which movies I want to watch, which books I want to read, etc. This is very easy in springpad. It implements all the requirements from above except for the GTD method. This suffices my needs as I do not always adhere to the GTD method.

What Task Mgmt. System are you using?


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