Having TODOs inside a LaTeX document

Previously, I just wrote a simple command for using TODOs coloring it red and making it bold. However, a little search found me this amazing todo library.

  • Provides \listoftodos to print out a list of todos inside the document
  • Provides \missingpicture for inserting a placeholder for images
  • Provides \todo command for creating TODOs. \todo{First}, \todo[inline]{Second} are really useful
  • It can be disabled using the disabled option for the imported package

But be aware when adopting it, as it loads graphixs package itself without options. If you need it to load with options for pdf output, perhaps, just import the graphixs package first.



5 thoughts on “Having TODOs inside a LaTeX document

  1. Instead of looking for even more and more tools to improve your productiveness you should start to “StayFocused” and be productive by starting to write your diploma thesis…

  2. It is possible to deliver an excellent diploma thesis even without all those latex, auto-update and java tools you presented in your recent postings – Matthias and I prooved it 😉


  3. Why do you want TODOs to be visible in the dvi/pdf? I usually just use a comment:
    %TODO blabla
    For a list of TODOs, I just run grep ;).

    This being said, I’d like to joint the mob and yell “Get back to work” at you…

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