The popular JVM languages

The JVM is becoming a place for all kinds of different languages. These languages can work seaminglessly together. Therefore, you can simply use each language for each problem.

  • Scala: OO and functional language
  • JRuby: a Ruby implementation, which is faster than Ruby
  • Groovy: extends Java to be more dynamic and fun to use
  • Clojure: functional, is a Lisp dialect

The best thing is, that you can also use other frameworks.

  • Use RSpec and Cucumber for behaviour driven development (BDD) for testing java code
  • Use Groovy Beans for Java Bean classes
  • Use Groovy @Bindable for BeansBinding

Even if you have to deliver java only code, this is possible, as each language can be compiled to java byte code. Therefore, everything runs on any application server, as the code is native java. So, your management will be happy, as you deliver faster, and won’t have a clue. Hopefully, you do not have to deliver the source code, too.


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