Git is really awesome

I am using Git now for working with my diploma thesis and it provides really the best version tracking system. I use the repositories at which allows unlimited public and private repositories with Trac for 6$ / month. This is really cheap! And their support is very responsive, the web page light and to the point.

If you have used SVN until now, start using Git. It is worth the effort.

For myself, I now write Comments for my Commits and started to think in patches to a particular problem. I only commit, if the problem I was working at is solved.


2 thoughts on “Git is really awesome

  1. Yeah, git rules!

    If your university gives you a ssh account, you can probably just use that one for free hosting of your git repositories. This is what I normally do for my university projects.

    For step-by-step instructions check out “for the impatient” at

    • My University does not provide ssh accounts as we do not use unix/linux here for official courses. It is mostly just windows environments.
      The good thing about is, that you can create a project, add users to it and you can collaborate instantly with any kind of people. You just have to give them accounts. This convinced me in the end, as if I want to do something and share it, but do not want it publicly available, then I can use this with no extra costs.

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