Weekly – be productive – LastPass

Passwords are a pain.

  • Almost every web page has its own registry mechanism where you have to use another password
  • The amount of passwords needed lead to password reuse
  • Nowadays, if you have someones facebook account name, you could look up at studivz, xing, gmail, yahoo, battle.net, steam, etc.
  • Result: Passwords are not that safe
    If one account gets compromised, many other accounts will get compromised too

For the last year I used Keepass. All my passwords were stored in an encrypted databank and this was synced via DropBox so that on each PC I was using, I had the same passwords. As DropBox is free for 2GB storage, this is a totally free solution.

However, there are some downfalls:

  • Passwords are mostly used inside the browser and you had to switch between programs to insert the credentials into the forms
  • Keepass does not have really good browser integration
  • Mobile devices like iPad, Android mobile phone, etc. makes this not very usable

My new solution: LastPass.com

  • Lets you store your passwords online in the cloud
  • Integrates extremly well into Chrome, Firefox and other browsers
    Example: when I go to facebook.com, the plugin checks if I am logged in. If not, it automatically logs in. Simple, isn’t it?
  • Useable on mobile devices, too. Like on the iPad, iPhone, android, blackberry, etc.
  • Normally, its free. But if you need more functionality, it costs 12$ anually, which is quite affordable.

The only thing that I thought about way, whats the downfall? Hm, maybe, that someone else stores my passwords? Yes, that is a problem. So, how does this company do to avoid maluse of their data:

Encryption and decryption of the passwords takes place on the local machine using JavaScript or a C++ AES algorithm. http://lastpass.com/whylastpass_technology.php


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